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New Introduction
Laiyang San He Food Co.,Ltd. was established in 1995
    LAIYANG tianran CONDIMENT FOODSTUFF CO.,LTD. was founded with a joint venture with Japan in the same year, and has obtained certification of agricultural products export processing factories by the Export Commodities Inspection Bureau. Then begin to export frozen agricultural products, frozen fruits, fresh produce, dry agricultural products to Japan.
    Fully automatic vacuum packaging machine was introduced from Japan's Furukawa in November,and begin to produce and export the water-boiled Agricultural.
    Invest to build the new factory in Berlin Zhuang. Import the high temperature and high pressure sterilization equipment from Japan Hisaka Co., Ltd. then begin to make and import products of high temperature and high pressure Set up joint venture Yantai Shengheng Food Co.,Ltd. with Japan in 2001. Obtained the HACCP certification given by the State Administration for Commodity Inspection and Certification Center Company and the United States FDA certification.
    The Wholly-owned subsidiary Qingdao jason economic and trade Co.,Ltd was set up in 2002, and Launched a comprehensive international trade business. At the same time, to invest for the building of the Cultivation and management of agricultural base owned by the company.
Invest to build the industrial zone of an integrated food-processing plants for the Yantai Shengheng Food Co.,Ltd.
    The company of industrial zone obtained the certification of CONDIMENT FOODSTUFF produce and export company by the State Administration of Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine. To invest to buile the Food Research and Development Center, as well as detection test,to carry out the Autonomous Detection and Inspection on Pesticide residues and micro-organisms and other physical and chemical aspects.
    Imported the Japanese fried equipment and technology to make Production and processing and export of fried condiment food in 2005 . Obtained an A-class title as a Food processing enterprises in Shandong Province in2006. Obtained the certification of ISO22000 in 2008.